Italian man arrested for using airport systems for ETH mining

You can’t just mine cryptomorphs for profit using other people’s systems without them approving it

An Italian airport employee supposedly used the computer systems at his workplace to mine Ethereum ( ETH ).

An employee at an airport located in the Italian city of Lamezia Terme, the employee allegedly planted mining malware in the airport’s computer systems, a press release from the Italian media Rai News said today.

The official said he had installed several mining platforms on site, taking advantage of the airport’s back-end systems in the process. The authorities ended up catching the culprit via a security camera.

The technical services provided by Sacal Global Solutions oversee the technical structure of airports in the Italian region of Calabria. The airport employee, 41, is believed to have accessed Sacal’s systems to install mining malware. The official’s actions have put the airport’s back-end systems at risk, the statement added.

„The researchers, with the collaboration of airport authorities, analysed the computer network partitions within the hub, discovering the presence, in two separate technical rooms, of a real ‚mining farm‘ […] connected to the external Internet through systems dedicated to managing airport services and powered by the airport’s electricity supply,“ reported Rai News, adding:

„The investigations, coordinated by the Lamezia Terme Public Prosecutor’s Office, were carried out with technical activities that made it possible to examine the IP addresses associated with the machines installed, to identify the site of the ‚Ethermine‘ pool (used for ‚mining‘ the cryptomeda Ethereum) and to monitor the site. „

Cryptomime mining malware is not an unusual threat in the industry. Near the peak of the last encryption market in January 2018, this malware is believed to have affected 55% of the world’s businesses.